Are you ready to conquer all your financial goals?

Get thrilled and ready to shatter sales targets with unstoppable energy and unparalleled determination!

Increased Revenue: Mastering the art of selling will inevitably lead to a significant boost in your business's income.

Enhanced Communication Skills: Sales proficiency hones your ability to articulate ideas, improving communication across all aspects of life—if you can sell, you can do anything! Life is selling; we are always selling!

Confidence Boost: Successfully closing deals builds confidence, translating into a more assertive and self-assured demeanour.

Expanded Network: Effective selling fosters connections, expanding your professional network and opening doors to new opportunities.

Adaptability: Learning how to sell equips you with adaptable strategies to navigate various market dynamics and customer preferences.

Customer Relationship Building: Proper selling techniques prioritise understanding customer needs, fostering stronger and more enduring client relationships.

Problem-Solving Skills: Sales often involves overcoming objections and challenges, sharpening your problem-solving abilities in the process.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Sales proficiency instills an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging you to identify and capitalise on opportunities.

Personal Growth: Mastering the art of selling requires continuous learning, promoting personal development, and a commitment to improvement.

Negotiation Prowess: Sales skills enhance your negotiation capabilities, enabling you to secure better deals and partnerships—this shit will save you untold amounts of money in your lifetime!

Leadership Qualities: The ability to influence and persuade, integral to effective selling, contributes to the development of strong leadership qualities.

Here’s what we do in Strictly Sales - Help Don't Sell

I break down the numbers that matter, what they mean, why you need to measure them, and how they save you cash.

We remove the aggressive sales approach, emphasising interactions via influential language, ensuring both the seller and buyer get what they need.

How to use sales funnelling correctly.

The eight different phases of the sales process and all that they encompass, from attention-grabbing to objection handling.

How to break up months: so every closeout is filled with energy, and every new month is filled with curiosity, which leads to excitement!

How to speak sales and the intricacies of the language.

The do's and don'ts and how these affect your bottom line in marketing and the sales process.

I teach you how to close at 80% and above!

If you're eager to ignite unparalleled motivation and take charge of your life, connect with me today for an Action Call.

Let's delve into crucial insights that will empower you to realise your vision for your business and team.

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Hear from past students

During 2020, you supported me with stepping into my future with Fitstop.

You have supported me with mindset, operations, goal setting, business mentorship and Te Reo Māori.

I can't begin to thank you enough for being the guide I needed to step into this new journey. Thanks to your support, I am now able to open my very first business in an area that I am passionate about. Your knowledge and bluntness has led me to taking this big step and leaving my corporate role.

With Te Reo Māori, although this wasn't necessarily a focus within our mentor programme, the support you offered me allowed me to be comfortable and confident with understanding my identity.

Now, I know you said not to go too fluffy and I actively tried not too but what I have mentioned above is true. It's taken me years to be able to be proud of myself and my heritage and after meeting with you and your whānau, I really saw a different side to Te Ao Māori.

In the wise words of Korey Gibson "See you on the battlefield, e hoa".

At the end of the day, I will forever be grateful for your help and support.
Samantha Russell
Club Owner
My whānau and I had been living abroad for 20 years, loving all the freedoms, new cultural experiences and vast travel opportunities that came with expatriate life.

COVID changed all of that in a heartbeat. All of a sudden my family and I were in lockdown in Malaysia, with daily cases in the tens of thousands, soaring death rates, hospitals overrun, and our business which we had built over a decade in and out of hard lockdowns for 18 months.

Our physical, mental and spiritual health was in rapid decline. We found ourselves pining for Aotearoa, our whānau at home and the care free life for our children that we had been blessed with as Kiwi kids growing up.

Korey was instrumental in helping me to skillfully consider all the options, centered in a firm grounding of what matters most in life. His systematic approach to educating, coaching and moving me ahead in my thinking, planning and most importantly execution made all the difference.

With his guidance I was able to cancel out all the noise and clear my mind to focus on making the right decisions for me and my family. I'm pleased to say that my family and I have returned to Aotearoa, we are doing work that is deeply rewarding, diverse and in line with our goals. Our kids are in the best schools for their skills and needs and we are spending time with our whānau. We could not be happier with the outcome and the process I went through with Korey to get here.

If you are wanting to gain clarity, make big moves in your life and make your best even better - Korey is your man. Get in contact with him and get some!

Ngā mihi e hoa, I can't thank you enough!
Dave Nuku
Co-Founder Fire Fitness, Leisure Concepts NZ - Business Development Manager
I met Korey as a fresh 18 year old straight out of PT school where I joined his team at Bootcamps Australia.

I instantly new I was going learn a lot from this bloke. He taught me resilience, sales, and amplified my ambition to succeed. 15 years on, I recently reached out to Korey to discuss the success of my business and to get his opinion on where the future could lie. His knowledge and experience in this field is second to none!

I am very grateful for his time.

I'm excited to see what Korey has next on his radar!
Georgio Batsinilas
Company Owner - FitazFK Australia
I have known Korey Gibson for over 10 years.

He employed me very early on in my professional career and introduced me to my first sales role.

Korey's teaching and mentorship over the years have helped me develop strong business acumen, and sharp sales skills, along with the importance of having a fun and supportive workplace culture.

Korey is an excellent motivator and will always be sure to get the best out of you both mentally, and physically - he has helped me develop a winning mindset and always taught me to be tenacious.

I consider Korey a mentor and a good friend, and I would not have had the career opportunities and sales successes without his guidance and support.
Scott Henry
The Learning People Ltd - Senior Career Consultant
Korey was my business mentor for Te Puna Pākihi.

Not only did he provide invaluable information related to sales and lead generation.

He was kind, welcoming, and just generally a good dude. 10/10 would recommend.
Tāne Clement
Gym Owner - Kura Kaha New Zealand