If you've arrived here...


You've achieved success in business, politics, or athletics but have not yet reached your potential.

You have tried and tested different personal development avenues, but you still find yourself seeking a unique edge or someone to refine your skills.

You've always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, but you have found it hard to find team members that live up to your expectations to help you drive these ideas.


It's possible your systemisation may be lacking in some departments, which bites into your time and slows your expansion.

It is highly likely that you are focusing on more things than you can actually handle and perform at a high level.

By balancing discipline with occasional setbacks, you still aspire to surpass current accomplishments in business, health, and life.

With a big heart, you aim to be a positive role model, eager to help others and leave a lasting legacy.

Intrinsic motivation fuels you, yet you're seeking guidance to reach the next level.


My programme, Te Whetū Waerima will have you laser-focused on any and all projects that align totally with your purpose.

It will define where you are at, where you are lacking, and design a clear path for you to achieve all of your dreams—those that align with who you are and what your dream of an ever-lasting legacy is.

Te Whetū Waerima - The 5 Cornerstones of Wellness, will have you in the best health, wealth, and mindset of your life. You will never have felt such a high level of motivation and absolute clarity around how you want your life to look and feel and who you want to share it with.

Your body and mind will be prepared and filled with new knowledge in relation to what it takes to live in true wellness, from sleep to food, exercise to wealth, goals to identity, connection to nutrients, and so much more in-between.

Based on your traits, we recommend your participation in the Te Whetū Waerima - The 5 Cornerstones of Wellness Programme. 

This programme is designed to catalyse significant personal growth and advancement for individuals with your identified characteristics.


My focus is simple: to maximise your potential.