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Tohu Mātauranga - Qualifications

We recognise the importance of awarding students with qualifications that acknowledge their internal drive to attain knowledge, and skills, in specialist, and uncommon subjects.

Our Whai Tohu Mātauranga (Qualifications) comprise of three levels and enable students to take with their qualifications, a set number of Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD's).

Registered exercise professionals undertake regular Continuing Professional Development to ensure they remain relevant and current with the latest knowledge, research, and exercise science to deliver safe, and or, effective exercise, or wellness advice to New Zealanders.

Simply click here to find out more about CPD's with The New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals.


Qualification Levels - Certificates

Our certificates are metaphorical symbols of our personal journey with ourselves and the team at Whai.

We encourage our learners to attain a level of knowledge in-depth enough to use it to empower loved ones.

This cycle of learning is reflected in the way we present our qualification levels, and subsequent certificates, from the felling of a tree to the construction of a waka from which, one can empower loved ones by passing on new, and beneficial learnings.

Level 1 - Te Toki Tuakanga

"The axe used for the felling of the tree"

Te Toki Tuakanga - Level 1 is a symbol of a new knowledge attainment journey, which can be life-changing or empowering. It requires a 100% pass rate and earns 5 CPD's.

Level 2 - Te Toki Pakohu

"The axe used for splitting apart the tree"

Te Toki Pakohu - Level 2 is a symbolisation of the learner's progress towards proficiency. It requires a 90% pass rate via an exam and involves kinesthetic demonstrations such as role playing and physical learned-skill presentations. 10 CPD's are earned.

 Level 3 - Te Toki Āhua

"The axe used for fashioning the waka - canoe"

Te Toki Āhua - Level 3 is a symbolisation that the learner is proficient in taking recently obtained education and passing it on to others.

It requires the graduate of Te Toki Pakohu (Level 2) to deliver a 10 minute presentation on a chosen subject to the next intake of learners. Communication skills, and preparation will be demonstrated in conjunction with new knowledge, and questions from the audience will be answered efficiently by the deliverer. This comes with an added value of 5 CPD's. 


Ngā Tohu - Certificates: Te Whetū Waerima

Ngā Tohu - Certificates: Strictly Sales

Ngā Tohu - Certificates: (Tū Toa)