If you've arrived here...


You were born with a soul whose essence is woven with the threads of love and dedication.

You radiate a profound sense of purpose derived from safeguarding others, especially your loved ones.

You have an innate instinct to shield and nurture; the protector finds fulfilment in ensuring the well-being of those they hold dear.


It's possible that beneath the armour of selfless devotion lies a struggle—an internal battle with a lack of confidence that casts shadows on your own sense of ability to protect others should you have to.

It's possible that you believe you lack physical ability or capability and, therefore, confidence.

You realise that empowering children or loved ones with self-defense skills goes beyond physical safety, instilling confidence, resilience, and personal agency.

You want to be the type of protector who encourages these valuable life skills to promote awareness, preparedness, discipline, focus, and emotional control in those you love.


It may be that your previous vulnerabilities have added depth to your character, a silent testament to the complexities within a heart committed to protecting others even when it forgets to protect itself.

Given the above, you now know that self-defense education heightens personal safety awareness by teaching responsibility and respect for boundaries.

You believe that schools investing in such education foster holistic student development, impacting mental and emotional well-being, and that encouraging a spouse to learn self-defense shows love, care, and a commitment to well-being, creating a shared sense of confidence.

My Tū Toa - Personal Protection Program—will have you and those you care most about learning new sporting skills that promote personal growth, health, and a vibrant lifestyle.

Participating in the Tū Toa course will improve your decision-making in certain situations, keep you calm under extreme pressure, enhance your confidence profoundly, and foster awareness and understanding of your capabilities.

Finally, training with me in Tū Toa will instill confidence, resilience, and unity, positively impacting your well-being, and that of your whānau (family).

Based on your traits, we recommend your participation in the TŪ TOA - PERSONAL PROTECTION PROGRAMME.

This programme is designed to catalyse significant personal growth and advancement for individuals and groups, with your identified characteristics.

My focus is simple: to maximise your potential.